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The stresses and challenges of life that I so "skillfully" ignored for decades took control and the façade was gone.  I was faced, literally, with a condition I could not ignore.


I pretended it was not a big deal.  I don't think I could admit to myself how horrible I thought my skin looked and how horrified I was about the discoloration.

        I went from one doctor to the next trying to find out what was happening, will it spread, get worse and never go away.  Five doctors and five different diagnosis later - all guessing at best - and the best solution was a prescription for an ointment that is so toxic to the blood one can only take it 4 weeks at a time.

The ointment may not work at all or even make the condition worse.  I passed on that and went in search of a natural cure.  I joined vitiligo groups, chloasma groups, other skin groups.  All the while in denial how desperate and sad I truly felt.  

I juiced, I detoxed, I learned how to mix food coloring and rubbing alcohol to carefully blend in the pale areas on my skin to the darker areas.  Then FINALLY! a breakthrough.  I learned that my emotional and mental wellbeing can directly affect my physical health.  Say What??


I've spent decades avoiding and denying my negative emotions, people, situations and second guessing my mental state - all for another day of smiles and thank you's.   It was time to go within and get some answers.


I started to use processes and techniques that calm down one's nervous system.  I befriended my feelings and emotions and I healed some more.  The results I achieved in such a short amount of time completely amazed me.  


Not only did my skin issue disappear, I no longer suffered from chronic back pain.  I also drank less, snacked less, I started to speak up more.  I figured out who I was and why and I loved myself and others so much more.  That was only the beginning,

Take a step today for a better, healthier future. 

You'll be happy you did. 


Dear Lourdes,

Buddhism taught me that winter always turns to spring and it has served me well. This FEFT practice, and your support, have shown me how much of me has lain dormant....and what beautiful possibilities await me.

Thank you ever so much for the genuine heart you give to me. The skill and results you help me create for myself. And the new resources to help me safely understand and care more about me and the ones I love.

What a gift you are and I am so grateful to have met you. You are so very appreciated.

To a beautiful journey ahead for us both.


Most sincerely,

Lorraine Allen



Ask me anything - you may just get the answer you are looking for. 


I will be in touch soon!    

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