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Our perceptions about the world and our life starts to take shape in the womb.  For the first few years of life the bulk of our beliefs are created and from there we learn how to BeHave. 

Be nice, good, quiet, be like me
Have my love, acceptance, approval 

Our patterns of behavior result in desirable and undesirable outcomes.  If you experience neglect, a trauma or abuse in childhood, it becomes even more difficult to cope and overcome every day stressors.  
There is a way out.  These patterns are not permanent.  Start making positive changes today.  

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Changing Life's Undesirable
Circumstances Starts With One Belief:
That It Is Possible

I Can Help You Make Those Changes


The stresses and challenges of life that I so "skillfully" ignored for decades took control and the façade was gone.  I was faced, literally, with a condition I could not ignore.


Then I found a healing modality backed by the science of Neuroplasticity.   FasterEFT, now called eutaptics®, is that modality.  The results I achieved in such a short amount of time completely amazed me.  

Not only did my skin issue disappear, I no longer suffered from chronic back pain.  I also stopped needing a drink or a smoke to escape and relax.

Best of all I used the same techniques on my stepson who kept relapsing in AA and NA.  We no longer have to live with the fear that the next time will be his last time.  There is not going to be a next time.  He has better tools for coping.



Dear Lourdes,

Buddhism taught me that winter always turns to spring and it has served me well. This FEFT practice, and your support, have shown me how much of me has lain dormant....and what beautiful possibilities await me.

Thank you ever so much for the genuine heart you give to me. The skill and results you help me create for myself. And the new resources to help me safely understand and care more about me and the ones I love.

What a gift you are and I am so grateful to have met you. You are so very appreciated.

To a beautiful journey ahead for us both.


Most sincerely,

Lorraine Allen




Ask me anything - you may just get the answer you are looking for. 


I will be in touch soon!

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