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About Neuroplasticity

   Neuroplasticity is the science of changing the beliefs we hold in our minds - we can change positive as well as negative beliefs.  You may have heard of some of these processes or techniques like NLP - TFT - EFT / Meridian Tapping - Psych K - Hypnotherapy - Psychology - ACT - CBT - IFS - MAP - Body Code and more.  All wonderful approaches but all lacking to fully help on their own. 


 Though we don't realize it, as infants we are intuitively learning how to survive in the world.  On it's own an infant human cannot survive.  As we grow and develop we learn how to behave - how to Be in the world so we Have the nutrients and protection we desperately need from our caregivers. 

     We learn and create patterns of behavior from our experiences in our environment.  These patterns become the way we address, approach and deal with life goals, relationships, finances, careers and enjoyment.  Most of these "skills" are perfected into habits before age 8.

As a Certified Practitioner I use science-based healing modalities to help you release the emotional and psychological behaviors that are keeping you stuck, so that you can realize your potential and achieve your goals.  

  Used on it’s own, or as a complement to traditional or alternative therapies, the processes I use will leave you feeling empowered and more in control as you naturally make positive changes.  The tools and techniques you learn along the way are yours for life.  

To find out how I can help you now - contact me here.  

   I can help you transform:

   Anxiety - Fears - Phobias - Weight Issues - Food Issues - Chronic Pain - Stress Trauma

Addiction:  Behavioral and Substance - Grief - PTSD - Depression - Public Speaking  

Forgiveness - Relationships - Heartbreak - Sexual Issues - Anger - Rage -

Improve Memory  Abandonment/Neglect - Rejection - Low Self Esteem - Narcissism -

Abuse: Physical, Sexual, Verbal, Mental - Judgment - Shame - Guilt - Migraines - Insomnia -

ADHD - ADD - MCS - Autoimmune Issues - Speaking Up/Boundary Issues - Cutting -

Procrastination - Panic Attacks - Feeling Hopeless and Helpless - and much more.

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