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    I'm not someone who got sick often and in my adult life my only issue was back pain.  For almost 30 years I was constantly hurting my back.  From sitting too long, sleeping, bending or lifting wrong, waterskiing, hiking.  It was ridiculous.  Sometimes it seemed like I exhaled wrong and hurt my back.  


  Then I made a brilliant career move and became an electrician, working in construction in New York City.  I didn't realize what I was getting myself into.  But I would earn a nice income while learning a great skill.  Initially, my back got stronger.  Inevitably, about five years in, I hurt my back.  For the next 10 years I'd hurt it again and again.  


Every MRI and X-ray showed I had spine curvatures where I shouldn't, not enough curvature where I should, my tail bone was too long and I had degenerated disks.  Since my husband and I could afford it I resigned from my job.  With all the extra time on my hands I pursued other interests.  That included natural health and I read all I could find on back pain. 


I found a "cure" and it happened!  I conquered it.  Gone was the fear of lifting heavy things or shoveling snow.  I could sit for hours too.  I don't even have to exercise.  No more back pain or hurting my back.  I read how it was stress related from a reputable doctor.  I couldn't tell you what stress I had at 18 or19 years old when my back pain began.  But there I was in my late 40's with no back pain, with tools and techniques to notice stress related back pain and just stop it.   

Then my husband suffered - what I'll call - a midlife crisis .  He is big, loud and confrontational, he wasn't quiet about it.  [Unlike sweet perfect me - heehee.]  Needless to say, life got very stressful.  On top of that I was isolated, living in the country away from family and friends.  I didn't know anyone and had no job to run off to and get a break.  And if he's on furlough, which is common in his work, we were together 24/7.   

I tend to go numb and keep myself distracted with work and other responsibilities.  When my skin discoloration started the pale or dark spots were small and they spread slowly.  At first, I wasn't alarmed over my condition because it seemed hormonal and I was pre-menopausal.   And because I no longer had back pain I felt confident I'd conquer this too. 

My condition got worse and I started visiting doctors and specialists.  I started to hear words like Autoimmune and Epstein Barr.  They told me I was hypothyroid and an ultrasound confirmed I had a nodule on my thyroid.  And the procedures or medications for skin pigmentation could make my skin condition worse or cause a whole new illness.  I couldn't ignore that something very wrong was happening and I felt a loss of control.  I was on the internet in desperate search of a natural cure/remedy. 


I couldn't stop wondering, if my back pain was stress related, what about my skin pigment?  Was there a mind-body connection as well?  By then I had heard about a healing modality called Meridian Tapping.  And fortunately, my husband had calmed down having faced some harsh realities about life.  As he got quiet and our life followed I was able to explore that avenue some more - see if I could conquer this condition. 


   That led me to a healing modality called eutaptics®.   This healing modality goes to the source of our perceptions that create unwanted conditions in our life.  Learning about the mind, healing, forgiving and living from a deeper understanding of life I went on to help my stepson address his alcohol and drug addictions.  He had been to a reputable NA facility and then a sober house, but kept relapsing.  This went on for another year as he tried AA and other sober houses.  After overdosing, surviving and having run out of options he finally had sessions with me and today he is a changed person.

Eutaptics® helps one process negative life experiences, past trauma and beliefs about ourselves and the world.  As practitioners we learn how our amazing mind and bodies function to keep us alive and moving forward in the world.  We learn why we escape into drugs, alcohol, gambling, TV, work or shopping.  Why hurt people hurt others.  Why we get stuck repeating the same undesirable outcomes in life.

Life was not always doom and gloom growing up, but I lived in poverty and never knew what a safe neighborhood was.  My father was an alcoholic and my mother was mentally unstable - they fought a lot, he hit her, he'd leave and be back months later.  We also moved a lot, changing schools several times - there was abuse, neglect, beatings and I was singled out and bullied at home.  So, it wasn't always safe at home either. 


I was suicidal by age 12 - then my life got worse in a whole new way and I wished every day to be struck down by a truck.  Those first few years as a teen were the worst times for me.  As an adult, how would I have known my mind and body was imprinted with unprocessed trauma from my past and it didn't matter how much time went by, it wasn't going anywhere.  And, that subconsciously, every decision I made in life was based on avoiding that old pain and illness was my body's way of expressing that.

To learn more about eutaptics® and the science of neuroplasticity click on the link below.  





    I am not a medical professional and eutaptics® is a system that

     teaches you how to take back your health by thinking differently.  

    Before embarking on any self healing journey, make sure to see a medical

doctor and address your existing condition(s) first.  Prescription medication

plays an important role in one's health, especially if the condition is life threatening. 


Adding eutaptics® to your health regimen will help you heal faster.  

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