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My Story - Part II

In brief, I will say I was raised in a home with an abusive alcoholic and a paranoid hypochondriac.  There was fighting, yelling, beatings, trauma, drama and mental illness.  We were poor, moved often and lived on welfare and food stamps.

From early childhood, we had all experienced seeing or being victims of a crime.  By age 12 I was suicidal and at some point I even became bulimic.  My siblings and I were abused, used and separated from one another.  We were bullied, bullies, thieves and liars and cut school.  Some of us dropped out of school completely and/or were incarcerated.  

​As adults my siblings and I would struggle with addiction, C-PTSD, anxiety, codependence, bipolarism, chronic pain or illness, we had failed relationships and most of us struggled financially.  

In my journey to heal I would learn that all of these life and health conditions are directly correlated to our upbringing and the beliefs we create about ourselves and the world - and we have the ability to make peace with all of it, to heal and be truly happy and healthy.  

In my work as a practitioner I learned that sometimes it takes only one negative event in life to cause us deep dissatisfaction or disharmony.  Events like being in an accident, just witnessing a negative event, being laughed at once or a relationship breakup can affect us in ways we don't expect, causing us to think, feel and act in ways we can't control.

My life is great and sometimes shit happens.  I know it's not personal - it's being a human being.  I do my best to accept What Is.  I observe my body, return to my center and with a deep breath I let go.   I love that.  

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