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Transform Your Health: Unlock the Power of Your Mind for True Healing 

Imagine a life where you're no longer defined by your struggles, but empowered by your own mind's incredible ability to heal. With evidence-based techniques, this unique mind-and-body centered approach might be your missing piece.

Have you tried therapy, medication, or self-help books with little success? If you're tired of feeling like you're just treading water, Lourdes offers a lifeline. Her unique approach blends  science with compassionate guidance, helping you finally release the emotional baggage that's been weighing you down and hindering your healing.

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  • Chronic Pain: Whether it's back pain, migraines, or unexplained aches, the constant discomfort is draining.

  • Overwhelming Stress & Anxiety: Feeling on edge, constantly worried, or experiencing panic attacks.

  • Lingering Effects of Trauma: Nightmares, flashbacks, or emotional triggers that disrupt your life.

  • Negative Thoughts & Self-Doubt: That inner critic that tells you you're not good enough or you'll never succeed.

  • Feeling Stuck & Unmotivated: Unable to break free from old patterns or make positive changes.

  • Unexplained Physical Symptoms: When doctors can't find answers, the mind-body connection might hold the key.

  • Difficulty Coping with Medical Conditions: Anxiety around treatments, managing side effects, or wanting to take a more holistic approach.


  • You feel lighter… literally. It's like those hidden emotional weights you didn't even know you were carrying have been lifted. This newfound lightness can bring surprising relief from those constant aches, pains, and fatigue.

  • Instead of dreading flare-ups, you start feeling in control. You learn to spot the subtle signs and gently steer yourself away from things that worsen your symptoms.

  • It's easier to fall asleep and sleep soundly because those old fears and unspoken anxieties don't have the same grip on you anymore.

  • You have more energy for things you enjoy! Imagine having the energy for a walk with a friend, a hobby you had to drop, or even just having the mental space to be truly present with your loved ones.

  • Most importantly, you start to feel a glimmer of hope. Instead of feeling stuck in this cycle of feeling unwell, you can sense a path forward towards true healing and a life you actually enjoy living.

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Wow.. well where do I start? Lourdes!

Absolutely incredible. Very down to earth & easy to connect with. She is extremely dedicated to what she does. Lourdes studied all my sh!t so that we didn’t miss a damn thing!

With Lourdes’s guidance, I have faced so many gritty parts of myself that I never even knew existed, or at least not in such a way. I have been receiving gems upon gems of wisdom from Lourdes & my personal growth has sky rocketed.

Honestly, I cannot express enough, the gratitude I feel for her. One of my favorite investments for sure.

~ Neesha ~

Why Work With Me

Hi, I'm Lourdes, and I've been exactly where you are.  


Years ago, my body threw me a curveball.  A weird skin condition, doctors scratching their heads, and zero answers. It was scary, frustrating, and left me feeling totally alone.


But I'm stubborn. I refused to settle for a life of "maybe" and "what ifs." So, I dove deep into natural healing, learning everything I could about the mind-body connection.  Turns out, our emotions and thoughts have a HUGE impact on our physical health.  Who knew?


Through my own journey, I discovered the root cause of my struggles and completely turned my life around. Not only did my skin heal, but I also overcame chronic pain and found a newfound sense of peace and purpose.


Now, I'm here to help you do the same.  I'm not just a healer; I'm a fellow traveler on this crazy journey of life.  I know the pain, the confusion, and the feeling of being stuck. But I also know that healing is possible, and I'm passionate about guiding you towards your own transformation.

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How is group coaching different from individual sessions?

Group coaching offers a more affordable option, a sense of community, and the opportunity to learn from others' experiences.

Will I still receive personalized attention in a group setting?

Absolutely! Lourdes provides individual support within the group to ensure everyone stays on track.

What if I'm not comfortable sharing personal details with others?

You can choose the level of privacy you prefer, and Lourdes will maintain confidentiality.

Imagine a life free from pain, anxiety, and self-doubt

Curious about how you can unlock your mind's hidden healing potential? A free consultation with Lourdes will reveal the path to a brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

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